Lisa Madsen-Founder, September, 1997-1999, May, 2013 to Current

After I was saved and born again in 1992 at the age of 32, I enrolled in the School of Missions at the church I attended in Las Vegas, Nevada. While attending classes, I learned about the ministry of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Las Vegas and I was immediately drawn to it – in my early 20s I had had two abortions – and I volunteered to serve there until we moved to Pahrump in 1993.

Over time, I recognized a need to have a pregnancy center ministry in Pahrump and in the summer of 1997 I called the pregnancy center in Las Vegas to see if they would be interested in starting a satellite center in Pahrump, and, unbeknownst to me, another sister in the Lord had also called the pregnancy center about the same thing.

The director came out to Pahrump and did a presentation about what it would take to start a center, indicating we would have to raise about $20,000 to even get it going – in my heart I knew that if the Lord wanted to start a center, He could start it with zero dollars – all we really needed was a space with its own entrance with access to a bathroom.

One Sunday, within a week or two from the presentation from the Las Vegas pregnancy center, the director of No to Abuse – a member of our church – stood up at the service and stated that the Lord had put it on her heart to donate space in their facility for our Pahrump Crisis Pregnancy Center and things quickly fell into place and everything needed was supplied – I spent $3.00 on an information rack at a yard sale – and we were good to go!

After being interviewed by members of our newly established board of directors, I became the first volunteer and de facto director and we opened our center in September 1997 and I served until early 1999. It was an incredible honor to serve and grow at the center at its beginning and to serve again starting in 2013 until the present. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Past Directors

Rochelle Brown-September, 1998-2005
Karen Taylor-Spring, 2005-2008
Blanche Moser-2008-2009
Megan Ivy-February, 2008-October, 2009, January, 2012-August, 2013
Sue Roa-October, 2013-January, 2016

Nancy Erwin-February, 2016 to Current

Many blessings have come to the Center. For each person that has taken on the position of Director in the past, each has made a positive impact on the Center. From starting with just a custodial room and $3.00 and now with two suites that God made possible…what an amazing journey. Just think it’s not over yet! I know God has more blessings in store for the Center now and in the future!